Why Mammograms Are Vital To Your Health

Mammograms, What they are and What do they do?

Mammograms are a certain type of breast exam. This exam is used for early detection/ diagnosis of breast diseases in women. The process uses low-energy X-rays which helps to examine the breast for both screening and diagnosis.

Here Are The Facts

    • Since 1990, Mammography has helped to reduce breast cancer mortality by 40% in the US.
    • 1 in 69 women is the 10-year risk for a 40-year-old woman to get breast cancer
    • Breast cancer occurs in 1 out of 6 women aged 40 – 49
    • There are two types of Mammograms:

                          Screening Mammogram: Used to find cancer when it can’t be felt.

                          Diagnostic Mammogram: Used when there is a problem found during the screening Mammogram/ if there have been any breast                                  changes.

Annual Mammograms are extremely important. The reason being that it can detect cancer early on and when it’s the most treatable. Mammograms actually allow you to see changes in the breast around two years before either a patient or physician can feel them! They also help to prevent extensive treatment that may be needed for more advanced cancers as well as helps to improve the chances of breast conservation.

Your doctor or nurse should begin Clinical Breast Exams starting at the age of 20 years old. An annual Mammogram should begin between the ages of 40 and 50 being that this is the most effective way to be able to detect breast disease.

Mammograms aren’t only to help detect cancer… they also help to save lives with early treatment. Contact Antheia Gynocology today to see which option is best for you.