Can changes in weather conditions or seasonal changes have an impact on your menstrual cycle? If you’ve noticed that your cycle tends to change with the seasons or with the weather, there are a few reasons why this can happen. Learn more about the effects of weather on your menstrual cycle.

Exposure to Sunshine

Being out in the sun can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Sunshine helps promote the production of follicle stimulating hormones in your body, resulting in more regular ovulation and shorter periods. This is more likely to occur during the summer months when daylight hours are longer and the sun is stronger. In winter, your periods might be longer and occur less often.

Lifestyle Changes

Weather isn’t necessarily the primary reason why your menstrual cycle changes in different seasons. Lifestyle changes that happen in certain seasons can lead to these changes. For example, you might exercise less in winter, resulting in more severe symptoms during your period, such as cramping and bloating. If you’re stressed during the holidays in winter, this can cause you to miss a period or have it come late. Changes in your diet throughout the year can also affect your period. If you fill up on fatty or sugary foods during winter, this can also lead to changes in period symptoms.

Temperature Changes

Outdoor temperatures have an effect on your body’s metabolic rate. This can lead to more severe pain and other period symptoms, such as in winter when the cold affects your blood vessels. As your body adjusts to changes in temperatures in different seasons, you might experience menstrual cycles that last longer than usual. Keep in mind that moving to a place that has a different climate than what you’re used to, such as a hot southern climate or a cold northern climate, also requires hormonal adjustments.

If you notice a change in your menstrual cycle it’s always a great idea to discuss with your gynecologist. If you are looking for a great women’s care team, look no further. You can schedule your appointment with Antheia Gynecology today.