Getting regular physical activity is an important part of staying healthy, but should you exercise during your period? While you might not feel up to working out at this time due to cramps or other symptoms, you can and should be physically active. Learn more about how exercise can affect your period.

Benefits of Exercise During Your Period

If you suffer from menstrual cramps, exercise might help. Working out when you have your period might help ease these cramps. Getting physical activity on a regular basis, including during your period, can help prevent or ease other menstrual or premenstrual symptoms, such as mood swings or fatigue. Exercising can increase endorphin levels, which can help relieve physical and emotional symptoms that make your period uncomfortable.

Period Changes

For some women, working out can lead to changes in menstruation, such as irregular periods or missed periods. This usually occurs more often in women who do rigorous physical activity on a regular basis. However, you might experience these changes if you don’t usually work out and start doing a more intense exercise routine. Easing into a new fitness routine and increasing the intensity gradually can lower your risk of experiencing these changes.

Exercise and Energy Levels

You might have lower energy levels during your period, which can affect the amount of exercise you’re willing to do. Keep in mind that some women experience higher energy levels during their period, though. If you don’t have as much energy, you can adjust your exercise routine when you have your period. Consider doing exercises or physical activities that are less intense until your energy levels return to normal.

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